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Who is Tyler Jaden Napier Edward Onyango?

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Tyler Jaden Napier Edward Onyango is a fast rising professional midfielder currently playing for Everton Under 23. Born and raised in England to a Kenyan Father and English mother.

Tyler Onyango has been at the Everton academy since he was little and has risen through ranks to find himself in Everton’s first team squad that played against Manchester City over the weekend ( 21/11/2021).

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    Here is a summary about Tyler Jaden Napier Edward Onyango

    • Was born in the UK, 4 March 2003
    • Tyler Onyango is a professional footballer, midfield specialist
    • He plays for Everton U23
    • Had his first English Premier League appearance for the Everton first team squad on 21/11/2021. The squad against Manchester City.
    • He has played for the England National team, u17.
    • They say he plays like Ruud Gullit, the Dutch.
    • He is tall ( 190cm) and this gives him power to break into the defenses, give assists and score.
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