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He Preferred Not Meeting Hon Raila Odinga For Dinner That Evening, Why?

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Life can present two best options at the same time and you have to make a choice of keeping one and letting the other slide. Imagine having an opportunity to meet “Baba” Raila Odinga for dinner at a young youthful age but on the very evening, you have a continuous assessment test ( CAT) that cannot be postponed. Our cherished football engineer Michael Olunga sat for the CAT that evening in preference to having a one on one with Baba but he caught up with him later after the CAT.

Michael Olunga is a no show off super talented footballer that has already accomplished so much at the age of 26 years. He is the first player at Girona to score a hat trick in La Liga.

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  1. Michael Olunga is a very humble and excellent footballer that Kenya cherishes. He has excelled both academically and in football with many awards under his name. Olunga studied geospatial engineering degree at Technical University of Kenya most of his teammates refer to him as ” Engineer”.

    • In his early days when training, he would even train hungry
    • he would walk from Babadogo to City Stadium due to lack of bus fare
    • He is one of the well known players that do score many goals in a single game
    • He has been crowned as the top scorer many times in his football journey.
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    • Michael Olunga has been named man of the match and new comer of the year.
    • He scored 8 goals against Kyoto Sanga in Japanese J1 League
    • He was the top scorer in 2020 J1 league with 28 goals
    • He is the first African MVP award winner in J1 league
    • Olunga also received Golden Boot in J1 league.
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