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Ever come across a street boy (chokoraa) with a degree in Engineering?

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He’s not your usual street boy, he is an undergraduate with an Engineering degree from Kenyatta University – KU and currently pursuing masters in Mechatronics at Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture and Technology – JKUAT.

Gem Recognitions cherishes and recognizes his determination after learning that he had a rough beginning in his early life but later regained focus. Read the full story of Francis Munyao here.

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    Many know Francis Munyao AKA MCA Tricky as a street boy through the Churchill Show but that title is only for the comedy stage.

    MCA Tricky has only interacted with street boys at one point in his life and has never been a street boy as many think.

    He’s an excellent comedian, Check out his content here.

    He scored a straight A in his high school education.

    He is an undergraduate with an Engineering degree

    Currently studying a masters degree in mechatronics.


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