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Do you know he had a rough start but currently earning over 70 million monthly?

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His parents could not afford to pay for his school fees and Sadio Mane, a Senegalese  football star that currently plays for Liverpool in the English Premier League had no choice but to pursue football as a career.

I left without telling anyone apart from my best friend. I walked for a long time to meet up with a friend who loaned me some money so that I could take the bus to Dakar. I was welcomed by a family who I did not know.

I start going for training sessions at recognized teams. There were over 200 or 300 youngsters who were waiting in line for their chance, it started badly for me because when I presented myself as a footballer, I was laughed at. I did not look like a footballer. I was wearing pants that looked nothing like football shorts and my boots were shredded on the sides and had been repaired by me with wire, the best I could. You really want to become a footballer? They looked at me with a bizarre  facial expression. I understood them but I did not have a choice. They took me and that was the beginning of my adventure.

No one will believe in your desires until you do and act by yourself. You have no excuse, it’s never a party-time when the journey is a bout to start. Start with whatever that is currently available, push, show up and be thirsty to become the best everyday.

We cherish you Sadio Mane, you are not only an African gem but a football legend that the whole world will leave to cherish. Congratulations for lifting the AFCON 2022 cup after edging out Egypt through penalty shoutout. Your football journey inspires many, continue shining.

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