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Did you know that he sold everything to support the homeless and the needy?

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An extraordinary man who was abandoned at the age of six by his parents, scavenged for food in litter bins and by the age of 16, he almost chose suicide as the only option.

Later, Charles Mutua Muli became a successful entrepreneur  that made him a millionaire. He sold all his riches to start a Children’s Family that supports the homeless and the needy in the society. Click Here to read the full story of Charles Muli, founder of Mully Children’s Family.

    • At the age of six, he was abandoned by his parents.
    • He ate from the litter bins and begged
    • By age of 16, Mulli was hopeless and considered suicide as an option
    • Later, Mulli became an entrepreneur that turned him into a millionaire
    • He sold everything to support the homeless and needy
    • He runs over 6 centres across Kenya  under Mully Children’s Family
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    • His activities are self funded since he has integrated business, farming, and more into his care system
    • He has helped over 23,000 vulnerable girls and boys help themselves
    • Has built schools, set up artisan vocational centres and now dreams of having a university to cater for the needy
    • He has written books, a movie is out and got nominated
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